Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation Recordings for Workshop: Mindfulness and Trauma Focused Treatment

With the conclusion of the “Mindfulness and Trauma Focused Treatment: Working with the Body” workshop today at the Summer Institute, I’ve uploaded several items for you:

First, a basic Mindfulness of Breath Meditation; all recordings are in mp3 format:

Second, the Body Scan:

Third, an Open Awareness Meditation:

Fourth, a meditation led by Dr. Jenna Tedesco titled “Joints and Glands Meditation”:

Fifth, a Breath Meditation led by Dr. Jenna Tedesco:

Sixth, a Lovingkindness Meditation:

And last but not least, the Mountain Meditation.  I mistakenly deleted the one I led in the class, but have re-recorded it:

For those interested in leading the Mountain Meditation, here is the script I used; you’ll note that I ad libbed a certain portion of it: mountain meditation

Many wanted contact information for our instructors.  Dr. Jenna Tedesco has a wonderful website, rich with information.  Here is the link:   You’ll find Jenna’s contact information on that website.  Stay tuned to it for information for MBSR and other programs that Jenna plans on offering, as well as links to other websites and MBSR programs offered by other providers.

Dr. Steve DiJulio can be reached via email at  I can be reached via email at

For extended mindfulness training you can contact either myself or Dr. Tedesco for guidance.  In the meantime, we would both strongly recommend getting additional training either through the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness ( or Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia (

Dr. DiJulio gave out a sheet with Gestalt References.  In case you would like the original file, here it is: Gestalt Therapy References  If you’re interested in getting more Gestalt training, Steve recommends the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia (  If you would like to talk to someone at the Institute Steve recommends you call either Mary Lou Shack (610-207-9930) or David S. Henrich (215-233-3994 x21).

Also, one of my colleagues, Cara Palmer, LCSW, will be offering an MBSR program beginning in September.  If you are interested you can download her brochure by clicking on this link: MBSR Tri-fold Brochure Fall 2013 Blue

If you’re interested in taking the Five Facet Mindfulness Inventory online it can be accessed at this website address:

Ken Williams, one of the attendees of the workshop, found this NIH website with great research articles about Mindfulness:  Enjoy!

There’s still more information to add, which will get done over the next few days.  To those who attended this workshop, thanks for being such great and eager learners.  And to anyone else reading this post, I hope you find the information in this post and others useful.



By Jim Walsh

I am a Pastoral Counselor in private practice in Wilmington DE. I teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as part of my work as a therapist.

5 replies on “Meditation Recordings for Workshop: Mindfulness and Trauma Focused Treatment”

James: Bernadette appreciates your condolences; fully aware of your intention. Open Awareness mediation this evening was a pleasant conclusion to our few days together. Thank you. Much meta…./jjd

Just wanted to thank you again for another successful training. It’s obvious that you put a lot of hard work into pulling that together. I always think about how proud Dr. C would have been of you. Through you, he lives on! You both have been so instrumental in bringing about change in the mental health field. Both blessed with a rare gift that you so generously share with all those who are willing to listen.
I look forward to hear what you share as we start our new year of training.
Thank you again,
PS- Please send a thanks to Jenna, Steve & Megan too!!!

Barbara, thank you for your kind words and trust in me through the years. I’m so happy that the workshop turned out well, and look forward to having more opportunities to work with the DE Council on Gambling Problems. And, I hope, the Council will be able to work with Drs. Tedesco and DiJulio, both gifted therapists and teachers.

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