Guided Meditation Recordings

This page contains a few mp3 files that you can use to get started with your meditation practice.  There are also documents at the end of this page that might be helpful, including a series of easy Yoga postures, instructions for One Minute Stress Relievers, and the Poetry of the Stress Reduction program that I’ve taught for a number of years.

  1. Three Minute Breathing Space: 
  2. Brief Breath Mediation:
  3. Body Scan: 
  4. Silence with Bells: 
  5. Progressive Muscular Relaxation: 
  6. Self Compassion Meditation: 
  7. Mindful Yoga: 
  8. Longer Breath Meditation: 
  9. Lovingkindness Meditation: 
  10. Awakening Now, a poem by Danna Faulds, is read as a part of a breath meditation.  

More will be added from time to time.

And here is the document with simple Yoga postures: BGC MBSR Yoga Postures Kabat Zinn One

Here is the document with One Minute Stress Relievers: One Minute Stress Relievers

Poetry of the Stress Reduction Program:Poetry of the Stress Reduction Program Revision